Corey Johnson is ART OF THE GLITCH. 

Corey Johnson is an award-winning graphic designer, art director, and glitch artist working out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. His glitch work draws from influences like Rob Sheridan, Nam June Paik, and Stan Brakhage.

Most recently, he has collaborated with recording artist Zola Jesus for visuals for her latest album Okovi, released September 8 on Sacred Bones Records.

His work has been featured by Kill Screen and Everything is Terrible, and his tumblr blog features daily updates of images that have been described as "depraved, resembling hell’s endless torture of its sinners" and "inescapably creepy" (Chris Priestman, Kill Screen). 

Corey's use of limited tools (no fancy mixer setups, and most of his equipment is either hand-built or purchased from thrift stores) and techniques to craft glitch work provides a narrow but deep meditation on nostalgia, nightmares, and the relationship of humanity and technology.

You can find him here or at the following places on the web: