Hey there, Cleveland!

These are my recommended gear picks for your circuit-bending needs:

Soldering Iron:




Potentiometers (Assorted set):


Source footage box:


Time Base Corrector (these will mostly be found on eBay):

Sima SFX-9
Videonics MX-1
Video Time Base Corrector Synchronizer Color Corrector:


Video capture card (cheap)

Video Capture Card (fancy)


DSLR for video (the one I use, though I suggest you buy body-only on eBay, but those tend to be grey-market, so no warranty)


35mm lens for least distortion


Tripod with Pistol Grip


Devices to bend:

Videonics Thumbs Up Video Editor
Archer Video Enhancer
Archer Video Color Processo

And anything from the 70s-90s you can dig up, really!